08. Choice

I allocated 20 point in intelligence and then 20 in wisdom.

I understood that I was stupid…

First of all… Twice already when I get more than 100 points I obtained bonus.

So… To obtain more bonuses I need to faster overcome those boundaries of 100 points.
Vitality was the closest. But I choose strength.

And raised it to 90 and then raised two another to 90. Best choice ever…

Secondly… Why I even need strength? Vitality and agility are all I need. With those two I am invincible in the forest.

And thirdly, why this choice was the worst. I choose inteligence first. And then wisdom.

If I choose wisdom first instead, I’d never selected intelligence. Wisdom makes your brain work faster and do better decisions. Intelligence raises the amount of information you can keep.

That’s why that was worst choice ever.

No… Well… At least I don’t choose charisma…

Ohhh!!!! How I could live without charisma in the forest? I’m doomed.

Wait a minute.

Maybe if I selected charisma I could tame those wolves. And they’d bring me food everyday…

Worst choise ever!

I stood to descry carcasses. Eight wolves. I killed eight wolves in less than ten seconds.

I am killing machine.

And I am not even that strong yet, considerably potential that lies in my abilities.

My knife was stuck in the forehead of the biggest wolf. I believe, it was the pack leader. I pulled it out and started butchering. That wolf had a lot of meat on him and good fur. I would make myself a new cloth. Not like my old can even be considered cloth.

I finished with leader and continued with others. After two hour I got all hides.

I am making a fire.
I am frying a meat.
I am eating a … what a crap!


What is this?

This meat is terrible.

Better find some mushrooms that I found the other day.


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