07. Fight

One week have passed since…

I’ve hunted, eaten, run, slept, trained… My throwing mastery is 99%. I’m about to reach maximum. From 10 shots in radius 50 meters I can hit 10 times.

Besides it is not working only with stones. I had made a knife from rock (well it’s stone too, but you know what I mean) and tried to throw it.

It works. It even always stucks with acute side. Actually I don’t know how it works. It’s just… I have had the feelings that I must do it like this. I can join the circus with such skill.


Knife mastery 1%.

Also I manage to raise 2 more levels.
All point I deposited in strength. You can look yourself.

“Status window.”

Strength 90
Agility 105 Improved Masteries( Throwing, Mace, Spear,Knife)
Vitality 90
Charisma 70
Intelligence 70
Wisdom 70
Luck 105 Status window
Level 4

And more… My mace and spear mastery is 30% and 40% respectively. I throw pebbles with my right hand when use me left to train with spear and mace (they both are sticks actually).

Besides looks like I am ambidexter. My right hand as good as my left.

At this moment…

You have reached maximum at Throwing Mastery. You have obtained “Automatic Throwing Analysis.”


This has become some sci-fi scenery.

Length, wind force, weight of the knife in my hand, presumable way of moving objects…


Too many information!!!

Oh my! I am too stupid.

Need to raise intelligence and wisdom.

I put knife in the bag with stones that I made from pelts.

Dammit! My spear considered throwing weapon too.

It is a tree branch with 2 meters length and two cut rames (they are real rames in fact). It was sharpened near thick side. Two sprouts are something like hilt for hand defense and hooks for meshing behind my back.

My other equipment consist from sheath that I made from pelts and rope, already known to you mace that lie in that sheath, bag with stones attached to the belt and belt (actually just normal rope). Rope is made from clambering plant that was knotted in three strings. My sheath tied across the back so that I can take my mace anytime from behind my back. Also sheath have knotted ring for hanging my spear.

I hung spear up behind my back.

“Automatic throwing analysis” shut down.

At that moment I saw them…

Shit. I shouldn’t be so careless. One hundred meters away from me a pack of wolves was running in my way. There isn’t any good tree here. I do not have time.

I take spear and open bag with stones. I must kill as many as I can. I was throwing without minding information in my head.

One, two, miss… Fifty meters… Three, four, five… They’re too close… I launched the spear, took mace and rushed forward. Four vs. one…

One of them thought that I’m easy prey and was killed with strong strike from above. Another bit me by my leg and was killed with second strike. I jumped and leaned on the tree. There are two more.

They behaved cautiously after their pack was almost destroyed. They growled at me, but I paid no heed to them. They already afraid of me. They were backing away.

I slowly took stone from my bad and throw at one without intention to kill.
It howled and began to run away. Another one followed it.

I win.


I sat leaning against a tree.

“Status window.”

I raised 4 levels…


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