06. Water

I woke up at the early morning from the sounds of digging. Little foxy tried to take away my breakfast. Little foxy will became my breakfast. I tried to get the stone, but I left them near fire yesterday. All I have with me is big thick wood stick. I can manage somehow if I’ll leap and strike fast. Ok, I ready.

I made a big inhale and leapt. Fox saw me and tried to run, but she was slow. Or maybe I became faster. All ended in one hit.

Mace mastery 1%.

So that was Improved Masteries. What will be if I obtain 100%? Will I become ultimate fighter?

I tried to swing stick and even hit some trees, but nothing happened. Maybe I need to kill to obtain masteries?

Also what’s with fox speed? It was considerably slower than the other day. Is it because of the agility? When I thought about it last night, my agility was raised more than a quarter. Am I become a quarter faster?

I thought of something and found two identical stones. Then threw one of them as far as I can.

Throwing mastery 1%.


That wasn’t my intentions. Well that’s good.
“Status window.”

Strength 60
Agility 105 Improved Masteries(Mace,Throwing)
Vitality 90
Charisma 70
Intelligence 70
Wisdom 70
Luck 105 Status window
Level 2

I allocated 10 points to strength, then got another stone and threw it again. It flew few meters farther.

So it’s like that.

Also, looks like I don’t need to kill to obtain masteries.

The fire was kindled and the breakfast was made. I ate fox and birds from yesterday together with some grass that I found near.

After the snack I decided to search water. Water gathers at the lowlands. Also I can search with the help of the grooves that last rain left. Besides, when I searched for the water, I drank dew from the leaves of the trees.

I flung stones at some animals or even without aim en route.

Throwing mastery 2%.

Training is the base of skill. Or so I want to say, but my abilities is somewhat cheat. Until I found water I became 4% throwing master.

That’s some cool name. Name? I don’t know my name. I still can’t remember a thing.

While I was deep in thought I saw a wolf came out of the trees around 100 meters away from me. It wasn’t that big. Maybe like hyenas or normal dogs. Maybe I can win if it’ll be one on one. I should try.

“Come at me!!!!!! ”

I shouted. After my bawl another dozens of wolfs came out.

“O shit! Shit! Shit!”

I almost became a lunch of wolf, but manage to climb on the tree at last seconds. Hopefully, I ate and drank recently. Now I can withstand a siege for a long time.

I climbed higher while breaking the branches and dropped them on wolfs.

Besiegement took longer time than I thought.

Throwing mastery 12%.

Then I brake two-meter long branch so that one end was sharp and threw it at one of the wolfs. It stuck in the wolf’s side and…

Spear mastery 1%.


Just like that.

This spread panic at the wolf’s pack and they retreated.

It was already evening, that’s why I lay down on the tree and fell asleep.


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