05. Status

That’s some crap…


How could this be?

“Humu…. hm… Status.. window?”

Information flow in my mind.

Strenght 60
Agility 105 Improved Masteries
Vitality 90
Charisma 70
Intelligence 70
Wisdom 70
Luck 105 Status window
Level 2

So it’s like that. It wasn’t hallucinations. Or maybe I am completely crazy.

So… Those numbers are my characteristics. The higher they the stronger/smarter/etc I am.

“Improved masteries.”

Nothing happened.

“Improved masteries!!!!”

Still nothing. How is this thing working?

‘Grumble-grumble.’ My stomach is alluding that now isn’t the time. I collected all birds and bring them back to my arc-root.

I should make a fire. Such a good idea. Something about sticks and friction…

After an hour I failed to make a fire and just eat one of its raw. Then found some plant with bulb root and ate it too. After that tried to make a fire again an succeeded! Awesome! I lit a big bonfire and fried one more bird. Another two I buried between the tree where I will sleep and the fire. Roots of that tree allow me to hide myself in. I found a good wood mace. I can defend myself if something happened. I can’t believe some animal will come near the fire.

I drank the last water from the puddle (more like licked) and tried to call masteries again, but nothing happened. I called status window and investigate my stats before falling asleep.


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