04. Visitors

I woke up at the dead of the night from the sounds of chewing.

It wasn’t me. I certainly was eating something in the dream, but those sounds were not mine. Furthermore, there was too many of them below.

The trees at this forest are quite packed, so there is darkness here even at the afternoon. But now my eyes couldn’t find any hue. From the sounds it looks like a wolf pack. No… I think they smaller. Hyenas maybe…

My bait has already eaten and I believe that they sense me, but can’t find me. Or they don’t know the smell of humans. Anyway, I don’t very happy to such a neighbors. I slowly put my head on the root and tried to fall asleep again.

I saw a dream about a man that found a purple rock. Man tried to take the rock, but rock became a monster without a shape and swallowed the man.

Then I woke up. Hopefully, wolf or hyena pack was gone.

Suddenly I saw some flock of birds similar to partridges that run from tree to another tree. When they reached the tree they hid under the roots, waited for several minutes and then run again. I checked my condition. Hands, legs seem good. My stones are ready.


Crying right before attacking is stupid? Well.. My intelligence and wisdom wasn’t that high at that moment.

I run after them and manage to shot 3 of them. I left the carcasses on the ground and chased after the flock.

Right now or never. Get as many as I can. Sadly, birds quickly understand that I’m not that fast and were running without stops under the trees. I threw the last stone and hit the bird somewhere in the center of the flock…

That was second beginning of this story…

Gods were pleased by your pitiful tries. You have obtained +25 agility.

Quantity of your agility points exceeded one hundred.
You’ve unlocked <Improved masteries>.

You have reached level 2. You can allocate 10 stats points.


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