03. Ambush

I had lain half asleep until morning. I didn’t move even slightly. My cloth and body was covered in dirt. That was some good camouflage.

Maybe that’s why when I open my eyes I saw two squirrels that chased each other around a tree in 2 meters away from me. They have such big and fluffy tails. At first I thought they are animals itself. Rodents were running around tree up and down disappearing after the tree for a few seconds. Such a lovely scene.


One carcass fell to the ground…

Let’s be clear. I didn’t want to kill it. I even cried when I ate it raw. Well… I admit that there is possibility I cried from joy. But I killed male beast so that female one can give birth. Not because male one was bigger. Really…

Also, I spot some grass like dandelion and ate it. Meat better eat with salad. Rational nutrition that is.

Whatever… I must change location. Blood can attract attention of troublesome animals.

Or maybe…

Half an hour later small dog-like animal, fox maybe, was attracted to the smell of my breakfast. It found the carcass and tried to eat it, but at that moment it was killed by the excellent hunter…

Or so I want to tell, but actually I fail to hit with a rock, because I was too hyped. Hopefully foxy ran away without minding the bait.

No one came after that. I was feeling lonely and was eating some caterpillars that I found when make an ambush on the tree.

It wasn’t really on the tree. To be precise it was on the root that erupted from the underground. It makes a little curl and goes underground again. That curl actually is a four-meter high arc. And the bait is just under me. To fail in such condition… The word “lame” isn’t even enough to describe me.

I slowly fall asleep right on the root.


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