02. At night

I wake up at night. Now that I wasn’t so hungry I began to feel anxiety and fear. Fear, because I was alone in the forest. And anxiety, because of lack of memories.

Not that I don’t remember a thing. Hopefully, I know that if a person wants to eat tarantula, then he should tear its fangs first. Or so that fangs poisonous and can be used in traps for another animals. And so that if you want to eat an animal that was caught with the help of such a trap, you must eat it together with the spider. Spider’s lymph consist antidote for its poison.

Well… Too late now…

I looked around and noticed a familiar herb.
It was forest sorrel. Its taste isn’t so sour soft like a usual one.
It is somewhat bitterish. Of course I already ate it.

I sat near the tree and lost in thoughts.
What was that thing about candidate, luck, status? Do people see hallucinations when they starve?

They do. I know this from somewhere. Not a good life I had there…

Firstly, I need to survive. The rest for later.

Now that I think about it that was not the forest sorrel. How could I even recognize a herb at such darkness? Starvation turns off my mind. I hope it’s just normal grass.

Well…Too late now…

I need to find a stick in case of attack. I started fumbling around and found a rock. That will do. I returned to apathy and began to fall asleep.


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