01. Beginning

You have become a <Candidate>.

You’ve obtained a bonus stats gift (Luck +25).

Quantity of your luck points exceeded one hundred.
You’ve unlocked <Status window>.

What is this?
Am I dreaming?
For a start where am I?
Or… Who am I?

I woke up on the ground near the oak tree. There was a forest aroud me. The soil was wet after the rain, but looks like it has passed. Small drops were falling here and there with a small gust of wind. Big trees around me surpassed 20 meters in height. Not even five people can connect their hands around those. I can see the high risen sun through small gaps of the treetops. I tried to stand up, but fell. My weak exhausted body is rejecting to execute any commands. Headache and hunger. And then I saw my salvation.
A caterpillar is crawling on a tree. I’ve crept to the tree and grabbed it. I’ve shoved it in my mouth and swallowed.That was the most refined delicacy in my life. Lately I remembered that moment, but nothing in my life has such a taste.

The taste of life.

The taste of hope.

The taste of serenity.

That was my catharsis. I must live. Nothing else matters. I will do anything. I will do even more, but I will live.

Big spider became a next target. I’ve teared up its pisonous fangs, then chewed it and swalowed. Then water drinking from the puddle and deep sleep.



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